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Green Office Preferred Steel File Cabinet
Feb 13, 2019


Nowadays people are living from home to company, from company to home, the office can be said to be the second home, the office decoration must pay attention to green environmental protection, and the file cabinet as the most important office furniture in the office, of course, must also be green. Environmentally friendly.

When purchasing a file cabinet, if you want to be environmentally friendly, you should use a steel file cabinet made of cold-rolled steel. Due to the rise of the “green revolution” in the iron and steel industry and the promotion of the “zero-energy” production process, steel materials will not waste resources for the society, from the selection to the production process and elimination after use. The adverse effects are environmentally friendly products that can be reused.

As far as the steel file cabinet itself is concerned, no adhesive bonding is required in the production process, and the surface coating is sprayed with a classic powder paint of environmentally friendly powder paint, which greatly reduces the release of formaldehyde in the product itself, and is truly environmentally friendly!

In addition, due to the good strength of the cold-rolled steel sheet, the steel file cabinet can be processed by the bending process to meet various functional requirements, and the multi-drawer, multi-door and mobile requirements can be achieved. Moreover, the steel file cabinet has strong fire, moisture and rust resistance and a longer service life.

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