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What Kind Of Archive Room Is Suitable For A Shelf?
Feb 14, 2019

Shelves are not only storage-intensive but also very safe, but not all archives are suitable for racks. If you want to equip the archives with a shelf, you might want to check out these first.



Generally, the archive room of less than 8 square meters should not be placed in a dense rack. The room space is too narrow, and the rack itself needs a certain space to operate. And 8 square meters or less itself can not be placed in a few sets of shelves, but also to make some space for the operation of the rack, the actual utilization will be greatly reduced. Moreover, from an economic point of view, the cost of the shelf is also more expensive than the general file cabinet. The small area is not very converted, so if the room is too small or use ordinary file cabinets and other products, you can save a lot of money.

The thick frame has certain requirements for the bearing capacity of the room. The minimum load of the room should be 600 kg/m2 or more. The minimum load of the general item storage room should be 800 kg/m2 or more; if the storage is heavy, The load capacity of the room should be above 1000 kg/m2.

In addition, the shelves should be placed in a room that is not easy to dust, and has moisture-proof and sun-proof facilities. This is more conducive to protecting paper documents stored in shelves and shelves.

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