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The function and color matching skills of the confidential file cabinet
Jan 30, 2019

The function and matching skills of the confidential file cabinet:

The confidential filing cabinet is a cabinet with reliable safety devices for storing valuables or confidential documents. It is generally iron and can be burglarproof, fireproof, antimagnetic, waterproof and corrosion resistant. According to different password working principles, the security cabinet can be divided into two types: mechanical security cabinet and electronic security cabinet. The former is characterized by relatively cheap price and reliable performance.

Most of the early confidential filing cabinets were mechanical safes. The electronic security cabinet applies electronic locks such as electronic passwords and IC cards to the safe. The feature is that it is easy to use and can be changed frequently.


The color matching skills of the confidential filing cabinet:

To keep the office from being bored, not to be heated for three minutes, this is inseparable from the color of the confidential filing cabinet and the overall decoration of the bedroom. Different people have different concepts for the color matching of the confidential filing cabinet. The principle of color matching, teach you to decide according to the style of the office and the preference for color. Let's take a look.

First, the modern minimalist style

For the office, of course, simplicity and elegance are still the style we are pursuing. If your office wall is lime-white, the color of your confidential filing cabinet can be chosen to match the color of your bedroom floor, or to a color scheme similar to your desk.

Second, personalized custom wind

Personality color matching, but don't be too exaggerated. The color of the customized confidential filing cabinet will undoubtedly make each viewer clear at a glance. In order to increase its personality, it may be worthwhile to do more work on the color. Customized confidential filing cabinets are also as colorful as clothing. When customizing the security cabinet, you may wish to choose an alternative color.

For example, multiple door panels can be used in different colors. Some merchants design secret cabinets that use leather and wood to match together, and some use black and white mixes to highlight personality. Do not have multiple colors in the same safe cabinet, otherwise it will cause visual fatigue.

The function and color matching skills of the confidential file cabinet are the above contents. I hope that everyone can use it when purchasing the confidential file cabinet.

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