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Steel file cabinet maintenance measures
Jan 31, 2019

Steel file cabinet maintenance measures. 

In daily life, all kinds of office furniture placed in the office should be properly cleaned and maintained! The method of each type of office furniture is different. Some wrong cleaning and maintenance methods have caused potential harm to office furniture. As the use of time increases, there will be serious problems with the office furniture used.

No matter what the best, we need to take care of it, as is the steel filing cabinet. Only when the life of the file cabinet is extended can it be used. First of all, we must first understand the characteristics of the steel file cabinet, and then take the corresponding measures to maintain the "precautions."

Steel file cabinet maintenance measures?

1. Steel file cabinets are popular in modern office furniture, and they are also very green and environmentally friendly. The key to maintenance is maintenance and cleaning, avoiding sharp scraping, and wiping the surface with stubborn stains for stubborn stains;

2, insulation and moisture prevention to prevent deformation of steel file cabinets. In autumn and winter, the climate is dry. If the office file cabinet is kept in direct sunlight for a long time, it is easy to make the wooden office cabinet too dry, which may cause partial paint film fading or premature aging deformation of wood.

If the steel file cabinet is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, local fading may occur or the surface may be sprayed off or cracked. However, be careful not to let the humidifier be placed directly on the wooden office file cabinet, which will cause problems such as mold and swelling caused by the local moisture of the wooden furniture.

3. When it is found that the steel file cabinet has begun to have rust spots, immediately apply the cotton yarn to the rust, so that the rust can be removed, and the sandpaper and other rough materials can not be directly polished.

The maintenance measures for steel file cabinets are the above-mentioned small series for everyone to share and share. I hope that the parents who are using steel cabinets can apply this knowledge to extend the service life of steel file cabinets and improve office efficiency.

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