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Modern minimalist office furniture purchase tips
Jan 29, 2019

Office furniture is an indispensable thing in the office. It provides us with comfortable and comfortable office conditions, and also uses its beauty to decorate the office environment. In addition to paying attention to the price of office furniture purchase, we must also put a good quality.


Modern office furniture purchase tips:

1, check the quality certificate

Regular merchants in the general market will have the certificate of the national standard "Limits of harmful substances in wooden furniture for interior decoration materials". If you don't have one, don't buy it. Wood for office furniture cannot be greater than 1.5 mg/l. If you have a certificate, you must choose e1 or above, because this e1 is the material that is harmless to people.

2, view the furniture nameplate

Just like buying clothes, branded clothing has its own logo, and office furniture is the same. If you choose office furniture, it is also a way to see if there is a nameplate on the furniture. This is different from the furniture used at home. There is basically no such thing as a nameplate on the brand furniture of the home. Therefore, the selection method of the two kinds of furniture is different at this point.

3, smell the smell of furniture

In the market, except for solid wood furniture, other products are processed after being processed by the chemical industry. Generally, there are some smells. If the smell is pungent, it is usually a chemical residue. Even if it is not a harmful substance, some smell is a kind of smell. The kind of aroma, there is no obvious type of fragrance can not be. Normal is a little bit of taste, but not thick and not pungent, not aroma.

4, should consider the shape, color, function, texture and other factors of the furniture and office design, such as ground materials, furniture, lighting, etc. to coordinate with each other to form a coherent echo, complement each other, the overall indoor space effect, which furniture It is especially important that color is coordinated with the background of the office. For example, if the background color of the office is thicker, then it is generally inappropriate to choose furniture with deep tones, because the deep-skinned furniture will feel dignified in the background color and will absorb the light to form a heavy and dark indoor atmosphere. .

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