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How Can We Remove Drawers?
Oct 19, 2017

We are very experienced at steel cabinet with drawers, such as mobile pedestal, filing cabinets and steel cupboard with drawer. All of these cabinets have a suspension-rail drawer system.

Sometimes, we need to remove the drawers from cabinet,do you know how to remove? Here are some tips for your reference.

1, Concentrate on the top drawer. When you need to remove more than one drawer from cabinet, you should usually start with the top drawer. Progressively work your way downward, saving the bottom drawer for last.

The order of removal is only important if the loaded drawers are heavier than the body of the furniture. In such cases, the piece can become too top-heavy if you work from the bottom up, and the piece may tip over as a result. Working from the top down prevents this issue from occurring.

how to open the drawers.

2, Open the drawer. Extend the drawer fully.You should stand in front of the cabinet while removing the drawers. Position one hand on either side of the drawer, keeping your hands close to the drawer front and out of the way of the metal tracks.

Keep a little space in between your body and the drawer so that the drawer can extend outward as far as possible without being blocked.

how to open the drawers

3, Locate the track levers. You should spot one lever in the center of each metal track. The lever can be either straight or curved.

how to open the drawers

4, Press the levers. Use your left hand to press up on the left-side lever. Use your right hand to simultaneously press down on the right-side lever.

For drawers with straight levers, simply lift or depress the lever as far as it will go.

For drawers with curved levers, lift or depress the lever until the curve flattens out. You'll need to press directly on the curved or humped portion of the lever to accomplish this.

 how to open the drawers

5. Pull the drawer straight out. While still holding the levers in their correct positions, continue pulling the drawer outward and toward your body. It should lift straight out.

Typically, the metal tracks will continue sticking out from the front side of the piece after you've removed the drawer. Carefully push those tracks inward, moving them in a straight, parallel direction, before handing the piece of furniture further.