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How to reduce office noise and create an efficient office environment
Jan 26, 2019

As we all know, working in a noisy office is not efficient. Noise can distract attention, affect work, and easily cause errors in work. An efficient office should pay attention to the adjustment of sound, prevent the use of noise in office furniture, and strive for a quiet office environment.

Reduce or minimize the source of sound, such as placing a mat under the typewriter and computer, and placing a rubber mat underneath the rest of the equipment. The soundproof cabinet on the machine can also effectively eliminate the sound. In addition, you can also apply some lubricant on office filing cabinets, doors, desks, office chairs, or ask staff to reduce unnecessary conversations and develop habits of low talk, which can reduce the sound.

Avoid exposing the office directly to sound sources or too crowded, and isolate the office building from the sound source. The top floor of the building is usually far from the sound because of the distance from the street vehicles and pedestrians. In addition, all audio equipment and machines can be placed in a single room. If it is not possible, the main sound source equipment can be concentrated in one place, and it is better placed in the office building.

Soundproof panels or sound absorbing materials can be used on the floor, ceiling and walls of the office. For example, carpets on the floor can absorb sound, and curtains can absorb sound. Ceilings and walls are also effective with sound absorbing panels made of multi-fibrous mineral tiles and cardboard.

Windows should be separated by double-glazed windows. When the downtown sound is too noisy, closing the windows can reduce the sound, so any office furniture should not be placed in front of the metal wall. Arranging seats according to the workflow can reduce the sound of reciprocating movements.

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