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Office furniture prices depend on materials
Jan 28, 2019

We all know that the price of a product is directly linked to the profit of the company. For the furniture and building materials industry, the pricing strategy has become the most important factor to test the decision-makers of large enterprises. As the price of raw materials rises and transportation costs increase, the prices of products in the furniture and building materials industries continue to rise. Furniture companies need to be cautious about strategies to increase prices and related issues

The prices of raw materials continue to decline, production is a prominent impact, and the ability to low-end and high energy consumption is limited, or even discontinued, leading to tight supply and demand in the short term, and rising logistics costs also play an important role. Therefore, raw material prices have a cyclical and cyclical rebound demand, which is normal market behavior.

As the price of raw materials rises, market research institutions generally believe that the main commodity futures index has been pulled up, driven by the capital market; industry insiders believe that the factors affecting prices are diverse. The rise in raw materials is not a sufficient condition to push up the price of furniture and building materials, but it must be one of the necessary conditions.

Value determines the price, and price is the monetary expression of value. The inspiration of economic theory or marketing is that enterprise pricing is a systems engineering, including the company's own pricing process and pricing strategy. The price strategy is the only factor directly related to the profitability or profitability of the company, so the price strategy is particularly important.

From a larger perspective, it will affect the production and development of furniture companies. If the price strategy is right, it will win the market to the greatest extent, generate enough profit space, and record the maximum profit. If the price strategy fails, it will affect product demand and lead to a decline in sales. Therefore, enterprise pricing must first consider whether product prices can support value

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