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Dry in autumn and winter, how to do office furniture to moisturize?
Jan 22, 2019

It survived the high temperature of the summer, and the dry autumn and winter seasons arrived as scheduled. In the case of low air humidity, the body and skin's ability to retain water will decrease. The light and heat emitted by office computers, copiers, printers, etc. will accelerate the loss of water. In autumn and winter, we often find office furniture in the office prone to appear. The material is cracked and the paint color falls off. Everyone knows that dryness in autumn and winter is caused by the influence of seasonal dryness. In the dry season, people usually pay attention to replenish water, office furniture should also do moisturizing work, then how to do office furniture What about moisturizing work?

First, avoid direct sunlight

Although the sun in the autumn and winter seasons is not as strong as in summer, the long-term exposure to the sun and the dry climate, the wood is too dry, it will easily cause cracks and partial fading of wooden office furniture. If some office furniture is convenient to move, it is recommended to place it in a place where the sun is not directly exposed.

Second, prevent dust

The wind in the autumn and winter seasons will be relatively large. When the windows are ventilated, the dust will easily fly in and accumulate in the gaps of the wooden furniture. If the dust can not be removed regularly, it is easy to damage the beauty of the furniture, and the dust is the killer that makes the wooden furniture quickly "age". When maintaining wooden furniture, try not to wipe with a damp cloth. It is best to use professional furniture care oil. If you do not have care oil, you can use the rest of the family's expired milk to maintain office furniture. Milk contains a certain amount of oil, which can play a certain decontamination and moisturizing effect on wooden office furniture. When wiping office furniture, use a clean rag to dip it into the milk and then wipe the office furniture with this rag. After the milk has been infiltrated for a while, be sure to wipe it again with water, otherwise there will be a milky smell of milk.

Third, place a humidifier to increase indoor humidity

The weather is dry in autumn and winter, when the temperature is relatively high. Office furniture is more prone to deformation. Some paints are easy to drop paint. Putting a humidifier in the office can increase the humidity in the room. The indoor air is moist, not only beneficial to people's respiratory tract and skin, but also important for office furniture. The role.

Fourth, keep office furniture moisturizing

The moisture of wooden office furniture can not be provided by moisture, that is to say, it can not be wiped easily with a wet rag. Instead, it should use professional office furniture essential oil, which contains natural orange oil that is easily absorbed by wood fiber and can be locked. The moisture in the wood is protected from the cracking of the wood, and the wood is nourished. The wooden office furniture is revived from the inside to the outside, prolonging the service life of the office furniture.

Fifth, avoid too humid

Although the autumn and winter seasons are relatively dry, it is necessary to do moisturizing work, but the moisturizing is not equal to the moisture. The office furniture should not be placed in a very humid place, so as to prevent the wood from exploding, the time is long and it is easy to rot, and the drawers can not be opened. Even office furniture is seriously damaged.

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