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Desk type selection
Jan 21, 2019

The shape of the desk gives people a different feeling, and the corporate image is also different, because we have to choose carefully when choosing office furniture. And every industry is different, so we have to choose the type of desk is not the same. So we have to choose the office furniture that suits us.

(1) Streamlined desk

      The streamlined desk creates a natural look and reduces the possibility of sharp corners and rotating gas fields in the corners.

(2) Large desk

     The large desk is spacious enough to not feel too much pressure when working, and the longer it works, the more full it can be.

(3) solid wood desk

    The solid wood desk facilitates the free flow of the gas field, but if it is a desk that is glued with wood chips or wood chips, it will affect the fluidity of the gas field. This is also the case with plastic desks, which are usually covered with a thin wooden board on the surface.

(4) Black solid desk

    The hard, hard desk will bring masculinity to the office, giving a very serious office environment. Constellation experts will recommend the use of lightweight cork, which will be more feminine and give the worker a more relaxed feel.

(5) glass plate desk

     The glass desk will make the gas field on the surface flow faster, and the workers will work more freely. However, it is not suitable for friends who work at the desk for a long time.

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