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Disassembly and assembly of file cabinets is easy and easy to install
Feb 15, 2019

There is glass on the filing cabinet, which is fragile, and the paint film on the surface of the filing cabinet is easily scratched. In order to reduce the freight, in order to allow customer to buy a good file cabinet, the pilot furniture changes the process, and the original self-contained file cabinet is made into a disassembly structure.


The disassembly and assembly file cabinet can be split into: front door frame, top plate, middle partition, bottom plate, back plate, left side plate, right side plate. The front door frame is welded into the whole structure by the upper door frame, the lower door frame and the left and right door frames, and two or four cabinet door panels are mounted on the front frame. The front frame and the back plate are provided with grooves at both ends, and the left side plate and the right side plate have U-shaped hooks corresponding to the grooves, and the left and right side plates and the middle and bottom ends of the rear side plate There are hanging plates; the U-shaped hooks of the left side plate and the right side plate are fastened to the grooves of the front frame and the back plate; the top plate and the back plate and the front frame are mutually supported and connected by self-tapping screws; The bottom plate is connected to the front frame and the hanging plate of the back plate.

The disassembly and assembly of the file cabinet on the packaging is lighter, ultra-thin packaging, the volume is only 1/4 of the original volume, the freight is also fully saved by 75%, and can also avoid 30% of transportation loss. Some people worry that the file cabinet will not be installed and will not be installed. Our Woma furniture disassembly and assembly cabinet is very simple to install, and the package is equipped with clear and clear installation drawings. One person can easily install it with a screwdriver. It is durable and beautiful in appearance after installation.

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