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Pay attention to these points when installing the apartment bed in batches
Feb 17, 2019

In order to facilitate transportation, the apartment bed is generally disassembled and assembled. When the apartment bed is transported to the customer's designated location, it needs to be assembled before it can be used. The apartment beds of Woma Furniture are all snap-on design, easy to install, and two people can be safely set in a few minutes. However, for some engineering projects, the number of installations is large, and there are some matters in the whole installation process that still require special attention.

Pay attention to safety during the installation process. The apartment bed is a large item, and the weight is not light, at least two people can move. When moving, pay attention to whether it will touch the wall, rub the floor and other items, and pay attention to the installer. Personal safety.

In addition, a thorough inspection is required after the installation is completed, which is also an important step. As a manufacturer to ensure the quality of the installation, as a customer, we must also look at whether the installation meets its own requirements, but also to see if the apartment bed frame is scratched, lacquered, loose, and see if the installed accessories are missing. If the installation is correct, if there is a timely request for installation personnel to repair.

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