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Are The Comments Made By Donald Trump Really Common Locker Room Talk? Do Normal Adult Men Really Talk About Groping Unsuspecting Women?
Jan 06, 2018

By a certain class of privileged white men, yes. I went to an elite, all-boys grammar school with Billy Bush - played hockey and lacrosse with him (though I was never any good) and when I heard his voice on the tape, I wasn’t surprised at all. This is how he acted then. Seems he never grew out of it.

And this behavior wasn’t limited to the sports bus or locker room. He and his like-minded friends talked this way all the time - everywhere there weren’t adults around.

There is “lewd” talk at male-only gatherings everywhere and some level of one-upmanship is harmless and often done in jest, but when you combine witty banter with extreme white privilege, it can rise to a disturbing level. Not just sexist, but racist and homophobic too. And anti-semitic if there didn’t happen to be any Jews around.

And there were never any consequences. And they knew there never would be. If anyone didn’t participate, you’d be branded a “fag”. If you tried to stand up against it, you’d get your ass kicked (which happened to me a number of times - not by Billy personally, but friends of his).

It’s easy to pass this off as kids being kids, but many of us knew this was wrong even at that young age. It was very disturbing for me and the other kids who didn’t fit into this mold and has tainted my perception of male bonding since.

I don’t see these guys much anymore except at school reunions and while they are all very charming and polite now, there’s no way to know whether they have actually reformed or are just better at keeping their behavior to smaller, safer circles. Clearly for Billy, reform did not happen.

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