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2 Door Steel File Cabinet

2 door steel file cabinet – 72.8'' Height x 35.4'' Width x 15.7''Depth

2 door steel file cabinet – 72.8'' Height x 35.4'' Width x 15.7''Depth

The first-grade cold-rolled steel plate is used, the raw material is superior to the national standard, the surface of the steel plate is ≥0.8mm, the surface is subjected to electrostatic spraying, the surface hardness is 2H, and the cabinet is pickled and phosphated. The acid mist resistance did not change for 300 hours. Wear-resistant rust and anti-static. After precision die stamping, the stability is good.

Product Name

2 door steel file cabinet


High quality cold rolled steel sheet

Item model number


Steel Thickness (mm)


Item Weight (KG)


Height (mm)


Depth (mm)


Width (mm)



Durable Electrostatic Powder Coating



Loading capacity

204pcs/20 GP  496PCS/40HQ

Delivery Time

25 days after deposit


50 Pieces

Payment Terms

T/T, 30% Deposit

Supply Ability

8000 Pieces per Month


2 door steel file cabinet


2 door steel file cabinet


1.The middle part of the file cabinet is reinforced,keep the file cabinet stable

2.After using the file cabinet, the office is more convenient, which can improve our work efficiency.

3.The door of the file cabinet can be selected according to their own preferences, the types of doors are roughly glass doors, drawers, moving doors and so on.

4.The file cabinet is relatively light and durable, it can be easily placed and moved, unlike the wardrobe, the position is not easy to move.

5. The current file cabinets can be combined and assembled during use, which is convenient for handling and office, saving manpower, material and financial resources.

Selling Point:

  1. color is modern style,suitable every location

  2. each details can reach customer requirements

  3. this file cabinet make your offfice clean and tidy

  4. This product has passed SGS certification and environmental certification.

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