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Luoyang Woma file cabinet: Why are everyone using steel office furniture?
Jan 09, 2019

Why are everyone using steel office furniture?

The work pace of each day is compact and intensive. Every moment of office life is busy and trivial, and there are continuous work waiting for us to experience it. A stack of cards, a copy of a copy, a copy of the book, along with the work, is it allowed to "stack" in the office, or to find a "home" for them? Obviously, if these copy materials can find their own place to live, it will definitely make your work no longer in a hurry, and you will create a comfortable and clean office environment.

So what kind of storage is considered to be the "home of peace"? ——The office file cabinet is that all kinds of steel file cabinets have become the darling of the office cabinet because of the many advantages of their materials, and have been welcomed by people. Let us elaborate on these strengths, let you know thoroughly and become a small expert in steel furniture!

office furniture

1, stable and durable

Structurally speaking, steel furniture is mainly based on spot welding and argon welding, that is to say, the parts are connected together, so that it is very stable and durable, not easily deformed, and the maintenance rate is also low. . But I have to add a premise that the thickness of the steel plate must meet the requirements of the specification. If the steel is cut and the steel plate is made thin, then it does not have such advantages.

2, high security

There are three aspects, the safety of fireproof, waterproof and anti-theft. These advantages are not available in wooden furniture and can be applied to harsh environments and special purposes. Although we are not willing to see bad things happen, in the event of these unhappy things, as steel office furniture, we may be able to minimize our losses.

I remember one summer, the typhoon landed in some coastal cities, and the storms raged. A few days later, an old customer rushed in and bought a lot of our steel desks. One inquired, the original typhoon, their house was flooded. When the flood receded, the steel desk that had been bought from us before was taken out of the ruins, and it was wiped clean and used. So I decided to replace those damaged tables with steel desks.

3, high space utilization

Because the steel plate is thinner than other materials, it has significant advantages, both in terms of saving external space and making full use of the internal space. In today's office buildings in some big cities, rents are settled on a per-square-day rent. It can be seen that it is an inch of gold, so steel furniture is more useful.

4, health

Since the steel sheet does not need to be processed with glue, it does not volatilize harmful odors. If the manufacturer is more responsible, use environmentally friendly plastic powder when spraying on the surface, then I think it should be a product that is absolutely harmless to the body. Speaking aside, I heard that some people never let their children drink their own milk powder. Some people would rather be killed and not eat their own gimmicks. We are a bit contrary, because we can't stand the pungent smell, we can only replace the bedside table and writing desk at home with our own steel furniture. Although the style is not coordinated, for the sake of health, Shenma is a cloud.

5, environmental protection

This is where steel furniture touches me the most. We know that the Sahara Desert used to be the Sahara Forest, and the ancient country of Loulan used to be singing and dancing, and the birds and flowers were fragrant. We really don't want the future Daxinganling, called the Daxingan Desert. I don't want the city we live in now to call a certain site a few years later. The development and utilization of iron ore, the destruction of vegetation on the earth is relatively small. Trying to protect the happy life of future generations, this is the vocation of each of us, and we cannot allow it to shirk.

Today's people are impetuous. If an item takes less than five years, it will be aesthetically exhausted and will be thrown away, even if it can be used. So this is the main reason why the resources on the earth are rapidly consumed and the garbage is piled up indiscriminately. Maybe other people's lifestyles are not easy to get sick, but look at steel furniture, at least after they are abandoned, it is not rubbish, it is still a fortune. It can also be reborn in the fire.

Of course, more than that! ! ! There are also 呐:

1, easy to clean

Easy to clean and maintain. The cleaning method of steel furniture is very simple. Use a clean rag to gently remove the dust from the surface, and the furniture will be completely new.

2, fashion

It has a strong sense of modernity, and can choose a variety of colors to match different usage environments. It can be combined with different elements to construct a harmonious and diverse business space.

3, strong bearing capacity

More bearing capacity.

4, multi-function

It can be implemented in almost any form and structure, and can be easily customized.

5, long service life

Longer service life and longer cycle (generally 10-20 years).

6, a wide range of applications

Can be applied to schools, offices, factories, staff quarters, locker rooms, storage rooms, government agencies, stadiums, supermarkets, libraries, etc.

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