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How to choose a steel file cabinet suit for your Office?
Oct 31, 2017

Maybe you’re tired of stacking the important files in your office in piles on your desk, or worse yet, your floor. Or perhaps the file cabinets in your office are aging as gracefully as Ms. Havisham. Even you can’t remember the last time any of drawers closed completely. In other words, it’s time to buy some new steel filing cabinets. 

Now that you’re ready to properly store, organize and protect your office files and documents. But wait a minute, there a few important considerations to make before you buy.

How much room do you have in your office? How many files does the cabinet need to hold? How long do you need your file cabinet to last? If you like making significant office furniture purchases only once, slow down and pay attention. Luoyang Huadu Furniture is going to show you how to choose a steel filing cabinet.

First to confirm that whether your office needs a vertical or lateral file cabinet. Vertical file cabinets are the most traditional, and offer between two and four drawers. Files and hanging folders were well organized in the drawers. Vertical file cabinets are practical because they take up little wall space, but aren’t the best office file cabinet if you need to access your files every day, or storage many files. Your office needs to be able accommodating the depth of vertical file cabinets, usually around 600mm, plus the length of the open drawer, another 600mm. If the the area you keep your office files in is crammed already, vertical file cabinets aren’t the way to go.

So what should we do now? Don’t be upset! Here we have lateral file cabinets, even this lateral type cabinet takes up more wall space, but less interior space than vertical file cabinets. That’s because lateral file drawers are usually only about 460mm deep, so require less room to open. Lateral files are great for high volume offices that need to access files several times a day, and for crowded work areas. Lateral file cabinets are also extremely versatile. You can keep your files in order and it’s easy to be reached by the users, because all the drawers can be pull out totally. Many two-drawer lateral file cabinets are small enough to fit under your desk, supplying a great way to expand the storage capacity of small offices. Or place a lateral file cabinet against your desk to create a new work surface.