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Why do we choose steel cabinet instead of wooden cabinet?
Nov 08, 2017

If we observe carefully, it’s easy to find out the almost every finance room’s cabinet which used to storage files and documents are all made from steel instead of wood. Is there any special reason? Actually, this is for the safety of files and documents. The steel cabinets have the advantages of fire prevention, anti-theft, moisture proof.

As we all know, wooden cabinet are easily damaged by water, tide, worms, etc. These are all against to the preservation of valuable files. What’s worse, wooden cabinet are not firm and resist compression compare to the steel and could be easily prized up. So on one hand, the files and documents could not be well storage, on the other hand, the safety becomes a serious problem.

Luoyang Woma Furniture Group’s steel cabinet are made from 0.6-0.8mm thickness cold rolled steel. With strict acid washing, phosphorization and spraying process, our steel cabinet put an end to the shortcomings of the traditional wooden cabinet. What’s more, we add high quality locks to make it more safe for saving files. The adjustable shelves inside are helping it to make full use of space, thus our cabinets are the perfect choice of your finance room.