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WOMA student apartment bed quality assurance
Feb 13, 2019

The apartment bed is generally used for student residences. The design of the apartment bed is reasonable, and the bed is not strong enough to affect the students' learning and life. Luoyang Woma Office Furniture Co., Ltd., as a professional manufacturer of apartment beds, is not sloppy in the quality of apartment beds.

Woma Furniture has been working hard for 27 years, constantly improving the design and production process of apartment beds, and has achieved today's Woma brand, which has made the excellent quality and unique design of Woma Student Apartment beds popular among teachers and students of senior colleges and universities. Our favorite, at present, Woma's student apartment bed has been sold well in Europe, Africa, Asia, etc., and has become a leader in the dormitory furniture industry.

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Many customers choose Woma furniture, mainly because of the service and quality of Woma furniture. Woma furniture offers free CAD, 3D renderings, and a comprehensive design. The student apartment bed of Woma Furniture has strong load-bearing capacity, and the single bed can bear 500kg. Full fence, anti-skid stair, and beveled armrests provide the most comprehensive safety for students. The design is simple and beautiful, the snap-on link is stable and silent, and the installation is convenient. Comprehensive performance is far ahead of the industry.

Woma Furniture is a comprehensive large-scale enterprise integrating design, production and sales. The company cites domestic advanced modern equipment, and the student apartment bed developed and produced by itself is novel in style, elegant in appearance, economical and practical, and has been recognized and loved by customers all over the country!

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