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What should we do in the face of office smell?
Jan 28, 2019


One. Open a window that does not directly dry the top of the wall, ventilate it, fill it with cold water such as a basin or a small bucket, then add a proper amount of vinegar to the ventilated room and open the furniture door. This can not only evaporate water to protect the top coating surface, but also absorb and eliminate residual odor; if economic conditions permit, you can buy some pineapples in each room, and large rooms can put more. Because pineapple is a thick fiber-type fruit, it can absorb the smell of paint and achieve the clear flavor of pineapple and speed up the removal of odor. It has the best of both worlds.

Second, plant elimination: Many plants are able to absorb formaldehyde, such as cactus, spider plant, gerbera (also known as gerbera), reed, ivy, iron tree, chrysanthemum, etc.; and xylene-removing flowers and plants have ivy , iron tree, chrysanthemum, etc.; monstera: also known as turtle back banana, Penglai banana, wire lotus, through the dragon's palm, evergreen vine, so that not only can eliminate odor, but also make the air fresh. Activated carbon eliminates hair: Activated carbon can absorb formaldehyde and reduce damage to the human body, but it is also difficult to remove formaldehyde. We recommend that you use it for a long time. After the decoration, we can buy some activated carbon back, and then add something else. Way to assist, I think this is also a very good choice.

Third, tea poles or tea to eliminate hair: qualified friends can find tea farmers to buy some tea poles, sprinkle tea poles on the surface of office furniture and drawers, which can also remove odor. If you don't have a tea pole friend, we can also buy some poor tea, which can be placed directly on the surface of office furniture.

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