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What kind of steel filing cabinet can take a long time?
Feb 16, 2019

Steel file cabinets as office furniture, buyers must hope that the one-time purchase will be used as long as possible. In fact, steel file cabinets want to be used for a long time, these three factors must be taken into account.


The first is the design of steel filing cabinets. Sometimes we change something without saying that this thing can't be used, but that it has aesthetic fatigue. The same is true for steel filing cabinets. Some high-quality steel filing cabinets can be used for as little as three or five years, and even more than ten years. Modern society is developing rapidly, and the aesthetic concept is changing with time. If there is no novel, advanced design, the steel file cabinet has not been replaced by itself until it is broken.

The second is the production process of steel file cabinets. This is a more complicated process, and the high-quality steel filing cabinet material is cold-rolled steel. In the production and processing, we have to go through a lot of procedures, including the cutting of the original steel, the water press of the whole steel plate, the bending of the material, the welding between the different plates, and the final splicing and assembly. The whole process needs advanced. Production equipment and skilled workers, meticulous workmanship.

Finally, the usual maintenance. Even the best steel filing cabinets, if not used when used, are also used soon. Try not to bump at random. The largest natural enemy of the steel file cabinet is rust. Although the high-quality steel file cabinet has several anti-rust processes during processing, it is usually dried with a dry cotton rag after cleaning. If the steel file cabinet is found, it will appear. The phenomenon of paint should be repaired in time

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