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Talent Plan

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Woma is continuously looking for dynamic and innovative individuals to join our team. Become a part of Woma and let your potential soar. To register your interest for any upcoming career opportunities with the Woma team, please submit your resume and cover letter to us.To assist us in determining your position suitability please clarify your skills, qualifications and professional areas of interest. 

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Campus Recruitment


Account Manager 

Job Category: Sales 
Location: Hong Kong

Establishment and management of the customer relationship platform: customer relationship plan, customer relationship development.

Preferred Major 
1. Full-time Bachelor degree or above;
2. English can be used as working; 
3. Have good communication, understanding and interpersonal skills; 
4. Student union experience, social practical experience will have an advantage.


Language Specialist

Job Category: Technology
Location: Hong Kong


1.Translation from Chinese into English for English native speakers; or translation from English into the translator’s native language for native speakers of other languages; 
2.Transcreation on the source content to ensure the target text suits the local culture.

Preferred Major 
1.Native speakers of English; or native speakers of French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, Norwegian, Romanian, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, Dutch, Korean, Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese; 2.Degree in translation, language studies, humanities and etc; Creative writing skills; Passionate for intercultural communication and sensitive to cultural differences. Experiences in translation and localization preferred


Administrative Specialist

Job Category: Administration and Business Service
Location: Hong Kong, Luoyang



1. Administrative service assurance: conducting rep office administrative businesses provide high-quality administrative services.
2. Policy execution: responsible for the company's administrative policies, processes, standards, internal control requirements and IT tools implemented in the rep office.

Preferred Major

1. Full-time Bachelor degree or above; 
2. English can be used as working; 
3. Strong passion to work; 
4. Good communication and expression ability.


HR Specialist

Job Category: Human Resource
Location: Nanjing, Luoyang


1. Responsible for hunting, communicating and managing with foreign talent; 
2. Responsible for participating in human resource strategic planning , providing available human resource solutions, Including but not limited to following modules: organization construction, management, relationship, leadership and so on; 
3. Responsible for creating a positive work atmosphere with a proactive learning attitude and initiative service consciousness.

Preferred Major

1. Full-time Bachelor degree or above,human resource, management, economics or other related professional requirements; 
2. English can be used as working language; be available for assignment; 
3. Excellent communication and collaboration capability, learning capability, teamwork ability


Project Engineer

Job Category: Services
Location: Luoyang



1. Pass on the corporate core values, develop and construct the project organization, and build a high-performing team; 
2. Responsible for project operation compliance and ensure that project delivery is in accordance with the company's management regulations; 
3. Responsible for project financial results; focus on customer needs; improve customer satisfaction through value presentation; 
4. Make decisions on major issue, control the risks of the project, upgrade the customer needs;
5. Development of project delivery strategy, in charge of project execution

Preferred Major

1. Full-time Bachelor degree or above;
2. English can be used as working; 
3. Electronics, computer science, automation, and mathematical science and engineering disciplines;
4.A strong sense of achievement-oriented, strong logical ability, to dare to take on, actively communicate with others, be willing to work in the frontline.


Product Manager

Job Category: Sales
Location: Chengdu



1. Response for market expansion, improve product structure and increase product competitiveness. 
2. Pay attention to key growth opportunities, well arrange market planning, improve product structure, and improve the brand image. 
3. Insights into the customer needs and pain points, and take charge of Products & Solutions. 
4. Responsible for the sales process, solution design, pricing and bidding.

Preferred Major 
1. Full-time Bachelor degree or above; 
2. English all can be used as working; 
3. Strong willingness to work proactively; 
4. Has good communication skills and customer needs understanding ability; 
5. Have good presentation skills and solution presentation skills.


Finance Specialist

Job Category: Finance
Location: Luoyang


1.Multi-dimensional accounting,accurate accounting analysis, project budget, tax management, cash flow management, key customer credit analysis, assist internal control construction.

Preferred Major 
1. Full-time Bachelor degree or above; 
2. English can be used as working; 
3. It will be first with qualification of CPA, CFA. 
4. Requirement of sense of responsibility, and coordination capabilities

Social Recruitment


Sales Manager

Job Category:Sales 
Location:Hong Kong


1.Responsible for implementing efficient sales strategy and positioning corporate brand through direct B2B sales, tradeshows.
2.Determine annual sales budget in agreement with the Board by forecasting sales trends, eventual Trade shows and marketing events' costs;
3.Ensure superior sales service to existing accounts, develop and maintain new business relationship through regular visit and follow up;
4.Participate in local Trade Shows and Conventions to gather new leads and promote the brand;
Quarterly report to Global Sales Director;
5.Analyze market opportunities and monitor business development of product

1.Min. 5 years Sales and Marketing experience in oversea markets
2.Familiar with the American / Europe / Russia markets is an advantage
3.Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
4.initiative, creative, self-motivated, willing to work under pressure to meet sales target
5.Leading experience over than 5 persons of sales team


Operation Manager

Job Category:Services 
Location:Ningbo, Nanjing


1. Chair weekly/ monthly governance meetings with operations team to track progress of the project delivery and performance.
2. Identify improvement areas in the operations team and make necessary arrangement to achieve Operations Excellence.
3. Conduct and participate in recruitment interviews for selection of personnel.

Good knowledge in Application and Software



Job Category: Accounting
Location: Hong Kong


1.Processing, checking and reconciling transactions and information leading to the production of timely and accurate management and statutory accounts and reports. 
2.Produce quarterly reports for balance sheet reviews and balance sheet pack, balance sheet reconcilliations.
3.Review of monthly profit and loss accounts including pre-payments and accruals.
4.Develop accounting and operational practices, ensuring company procedures and controls are maintained and financial results correctly reported.
5.Ensure the controls are evidenced and meet current compliance regulations.
6.Learn and utilise systems and country statutory and regulatory requirements to ensure assets, liabilities and monthly results are correctly recorded and categorised. 
7.Reporting to the Financial Controller, responsible for the day to day accounts, bookkeeping up to trial balance and transactional processing.
8.Assisting with month end accounts, purchase ledger, sales ledger, bank reconciliations, accruals & prepayments, credit control, journals, nominal ledger posting, monthly payroll and general administration.

An experienced Accountant with strong communication skills


Supply Chain Management Engineer

Job Category: Supply Chain
Location: Luoyang


1.Participate in developing the global supply chain solutions, making the supply plan, making the best choice in the flood of information; Participating in the early development of new products, and ensure product implemented in the new high-efficiency and high-quality service; Engage in the global procurement Strategic 2.Planning and business negotiation with suppliers, selection of excellent resources and guarantee the product supply.

1. Good at English. 
2. Excellent organization, coordination, and communication skills and good team work spirit. 
3. Been happy with challenge, adapt to work around the world.


Procurement Engineer

Job Category: Procurement
Location: Hong Kong, Luoyang

1. Responsible for suppliers sourcing, qualification, selection and negotiation, carrying out procurement strategies; 
2. Responsible for establishing and maintaining procurement business standard, implementing procurement procedure, managing procurement document; 
3. Responsible for coordinating resources to ensure supply sustainability, promoting suppliers to solve various kinds of quality issues; 
4. Responsible for assessing and improving suppliers' performance, organizing supplier-related meeting and training.

1. English can be used as working language; 
2. Excellent communication and collaboration capability, learning capability, teamwork ability.


Quality & Operation Engineer

Job Category: Quality & Operation
Location: Luoyang

1. Ensure implementation of the process by adapting processes;
2. Ensure process compliance by planning/auditing/self-checking process;
3. Facilitate the achievement of operating targets by process management, efficiency improvement and risk control.

1. English all can be used as working;
3. Strong willingness to work proactively;
4. Good communication skills;


Project Manager

Job Category:Project Management 
Location:Hong Kong


1. Supporting overall profit & loss management including resource and budget forecasting.
2. Coordinating quality implementation to defined requirements. 
3. Coordinating health & safety implementation to contractual and legal requirements. 
4. Undertaking continual improvement activities and lessons learnt to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

5.Implementing and managing effective financial processes to ensure timely revenue delivery.


Talent Supply Manager

Job Category:Human Resource 
Location:Luoyang, Chengdu


1.Plan, control and execute the HR strategy and processes related to the processes of attraction, selection, recruitment and induction of personnel required to meet the needs of the different units, ensuring that they comply with the technical requirements and organizational culture, Order to ensure the proper management of human talent
Define and implement the personnel processes, according to the general guidelines of the company
1.Ensure fast and timely processing of documentation and requirements for the recruitment of suitable candidates for each position
2. Conduct the interview processes, in order to select the personnel according to the profile requested.
3.Manage the different sources of recruitment; execute the processes of offers and negotiations.
4.Manage the process of entry of candidates once they have been selected, to ensure successful entry to the company.
5.Contribute to the optimization of HR processes by identifying opportunities for improvement, in order to ensure the alignment of corporate strategies and maintain staff commitment to the company.


Senior Account Representative

Job Category: Sales 
Location:Hong Kong, Haerbin

1. Develop account plans and build positive and productive relationships with clients.
2. Understand customer needs and identify new business opportunities.
3. Address customer concerns and queries in a timely and accurate manner.
4. Develop business proposals and organize product presentations for clients.
5. Work in compliance with company standards and business process.
6. Coordinate internal resources, e.g. Pre-Sales and Post-Sales teams

1.Good leadership in working with different departments and people 
2. Great adaptability and flexibility to changes in a fast growing organization 
3. Self motivated, target oriented, with well structured mind-set 
4. Demonstrated an ability to differentiate from competition in a competitive landscape 
5. Fluent English in listening, speaking, reading and writing; 
6. Proven ability to prospect and penetrate new customers 
7. Self motivated and business target oriented
8. Sales experience in a startup to develop sales will be a plus 
9. Proven sales track record for 3-8 years


Project Finance

Job Category:Finance 
Location:Hong Kong


As a finance role of a project or an account department , provide valuable financial support to the project team ; make sure the business performance target can be fulfilled timely and cost effectively comparing to the approved business plan , the main tasks are as followed: 
1. Output business budgeting/accounting management/finance Analysis/forecast 
2 .Identify and control the financial risk of project, control and increase the deliver cost efficiency
3. Finance environment and process construction and implementation, internal control and executor.
4. Provide financial support to help decision making in project bidding business

1. Professional skill of business Plan/Budget/Forecast, such as budget preparation, monthly performance review and forecasting, financial performance management
2. Provide business improvement and optimization suggestion from the financial perspective to promote the achievement of operating targets 
3. Effectively maintain relationship with internal and external, understand business operations and be able to use the knowledge in financial management; skillfully use and execute relevant financial rules and regulations.
4. Active problem solving, ability to work under general direction and pressure; Fast learning, ability to master new knowledge and system through general training, can do the work independently

5. Basic knowledge of finance Planning Budgeting and Forecasting
6. Familiar with the knowledge and method of project management.
7. Basic knowledge about contract terms/international trade
8. Proficient in MS office, other basic computer operation skills


Marketing Engineer

Job Category: Marketing
Location: Luoyang


1. Based on deeply understanding of customers, markets and products, provide customers with excellent products, formulate and carry out the product marketing plan ; 
2. Assist senior consumer researcher on projects of product life cycle management (from concept to marketing). Support product management team to define secure storage products
3. Design and perform consumer research project plan; 
4. Analysis data and Identify insights; 
5. Responsible for brand promotion strategies; 
6. Capture market opportunities, business negotiation, project bidding; 
7. Project management, product strategy, price adjustment, marketing planning are covered.
1. Excellent Logical thinking, analytical, communication skills; 
2. Comfortable working with numbers and know when research data is statistically reliable; 
3. Interested in secure storage products is preferred.