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Steel Shelving

  • Steel Book Shelving

    Steel Book Shelving

    Steel Book shelving – 87'' Height x 83'' Width x 17''Depth Durable, environmental, firm, and smooth Electrostatic epoxy resin powder coated, rust-resisting Excellent workmanship: Anti-tilt, anti-dampness, fully welded; big carrying capacity; durable;...Read More
  • Steel Warehouse Shelving

    Steel Warehouse Shelving

    Steel Warehouse Shelving – 79'' Height x 79'' Width x 20''Depth The goods rack is a vital tool to improve modernization and efficiency of the warehouse, that's why there rises goods rack industry. The increase of economy also takes the...Read More
  • Stylish Steel Shelving

    Stylish Steel Shelving

    High quality Steel Shelving – 72'' Height x 35'' Width x 18''DepthRead More
WOMA is a professional steel shelving manufacturer and supplier. All steel shelving products offered in our factory are with competitive price and top quality. If you're interested, welcome to check quotation with us.