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How Does One Adjust Soft Closing Cabinet Drawers?
Mar 06, 2018

In each drawer slide, the soft close mechanism includes a gas spring to absorb the kinetic energy of the drawer. The mobile end of the gas spring has a catch that grabs the sliding part of the drawer slide, so that the gas spring can pull the drawer in slowly.

1. Most likely, the catches on both slides (left and right) got triggered while the drawer was still fully extended, so now the gas springs never get pulled out when you open the drawer. If you remove the drawer, you can reset these catches by pulling them to their 'extended' position with a pair of pliers or a screwdriver. You might have to remove the slides from the cabinet to do this. Be careful with the delicate catch mechanism so that it can open up and detain the gas spring in the drawer-open position. Then, put the drawer back in and it should work properly.

2. One or both of the gas springs could be stuck in the closed position, or they have failed. There is usually no way to repair or replace these, so you will have to replace the pair of drawer slides.