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Customized Lockers - These Mistakes You Must Have Encountered
Jan 04, 2019

In the steel locker industry, such as chemical plant lockers, coal mine lockers and bath cabinets, etc., the price is colorful, but the styles are the same. We call it folk imitation. Imitation is a copy of the original, that is, the picture of the locker that you see in newspapers, magazines or on the Internet is provided to the custom locker manufacturer to make the real thing. Many designers of custom built wardrobes have said that similar phenomena are encountering more and more. Many international brands have more fashionable and unique styles, but the price is high and scary, and ordinary consumers are far behind. Therefore, I had to come up with this method of copying to satisfy my preferences. But as a professional custom steel locker manufacturer, we do not encourage consumers to do so.

1. Any manufacturer of lockers has its own production and technical standards. Perhaps in the eyes of consumers, some details are often affected by the structure of many places. Technically, it may be very difficult to solve. Therefore, one The set is not a wardrobe produced by its own manufacturer, but deliberately imitating those whose own technical level or processing technology can not reach the locker, it is very likely to cause instability, or it will be very different from the original effect.

2. From the production point of view, such a locker, compared with the daily production situation of the workshop, will be very troublesome, because a separate production line is prepared for a set of lockers, and this production line only produces one set of lockers. The decrease in efficiency will naturally lead to an increase in cost, which is also a problem that is relatively difficult to find. The senior designer of Woma office furniture also said that the products worthy of copying by consumers must have its unique features. If there are consumers holding photos to make them process, they will not refuse, after all, as a business, to meet the needs of consumers, is to be placed first, therefore, Woma office furniture, custom steel locker industry We should start from ourselves, based on product research and development, strengthen our own strength, and be able to make more things to meet customer needs. This is Wang Dao. Here are some of the experience of Hefeng office furniture summary:

1. Product function and structure: From the design point of view, to maximize the optimization, the function and design sense of the wardrobe product are perfectly combined, and the “customized” advantage of the customized wardrobe is utilized;
2, product style: This should get first-hand information from the sales side, optimize the most popular products, with this product style as a point, develop a linear product line, so that this product drives the entire series purpose;
3, to provide personalized design, production: For custom lockers, this is a cliché, here is to meet some of the special needs of customers, such as special features, special sizes, special styles, special materials, Color adjustments and other styles. The ultimate goal is to allow customers to customize the locker to meet the customer's requirements. Woma office furniture is based on the above points. While introducing advanced production equipment, it pays attention to the combination of R&D product functions and product styles. It customizes high-quality lockers according to customers' special requirements and has obtained many customers and the same industry. Wide acclaim.