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Working time is long, how to choose environmentally friendly office furniture?
Jan 03, 2019
Office staff, staying in the office for about 8-10 hours a day, or even longer, during this period, office furniture is always in contact. Office furniture in the office area is placed more, the staff is dense, the electronic equipment is dense, and the ventilation conditions are relatively poor. If the hazardous materials in the office furniture exceed the standard, it is a great threat to the health of the staff. Today, WOMA Furniture shares with you what problems you need to pay attention to when purchasing office furniture.

1. Desk series (class desk, staff table, executive desk, conference table, etc.), the countertops are made of non-high-flammability sheets, and the plywood is more resistant to flame; the MDF and particleboard need to be selected on the skin or sticker. Flame resistant material. It is difficult to burn, even if it burns, it will not produce smoke, which is good for people to escape and reduce their lives.

2, the practical evaluation of the WOMA office furniture, the office furniture of the WOMA series generally serves as the function of the area division and the wire, so there is a certain emphasis on the line slot. Generally choose aluminum alloy trunking, PVC conduit, steel screen frame and interface. The use of aluminum alloy wire troughs or frames has several advantages: high ignition point, avoiding fire problems caused by line heating; preventing electromagnetic interference (this is very important in some special environment); light and strong, in line with modern social needs, Easy to install and fast to transport.

3, the needs of office chair series: leather should choose good permeability, and not flammable; the internal filling needs to choose strong memory, strong deformation recovery, moderate hardness and comfortable; choose hard castors and steel feet; The safety of the office chair is more concerned with the safety of the air cylinder. In addition to comfort, materials need to consider the issue of flammability, pay attention to the choice of safe fabrics and leather.

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