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Woma furniture teaches you how to quickly remove the odor of the new file cabinet
Jan 14, 2019



There is a pungent problem when purchasing a new Woma file cabinet. This is because the new office file cabinet usually has a paint smell that takes a long time to disperse. Using inferior paint can cause The generation of harmful gases. Some customers will also reflect the odors of other suppliers' office cabinets. How can the file smells be quickly removed? Here are some quick ways to clear them.

        Method 1: Tea water, vegetable water to smell: wipe the office file cabinet with a clean soft cloth on the tea water (or water that has passed through the vegetables), not only can the odor of the office file cabinet be weakened, but also the office documents can be made The surface of the cabinet becomes bright and not easy to paint off.

        Method 2: Milk to odor: boil the milk and pour it on the deep bottom plate, open the office file cabinet, put a few layers of newspaper or a few pieces of cloth in the cabinet (so that the milk bottom is overheated and burned out), put the milk The tray is placed in the filing cabinet, and the cabinet door is closed. After five or six hours, the odor in the cabinet will be removed. It should be noted that the office file cabinet should be opened for a while after the milk is taken out, so as to prevent the steam of hot milk from staying in the cabinet to form moisture.

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