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why office furniture is important?
Dec 12, 2018
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Why are steel office furniture so sought after?

That's because steel office furniture has his unique characteristics. Steel office furniture has the effect of fireproofing, anti-theft, and even waterproofing. These can't be used in harsh environments compared with ordinary office furniture. Because metal can't The use of adhesives, so there will be no odor, there will be no formaldehyde hazard. If you buy office furniture products, they use environmentally friendly plastic powder, then the whole product is not harmful.

From the production process, steel office furniture is based on spot welding and argon arc welding. If the metal is better than the factory, the product is the design standard. Then the whole cabinet is very durable and sturdy. Office steel furniture, using cold-rolled steel, surface polishing The surface is sprayed with an antistatic coating.

Therefore, the entire cabinet has formed corrosion resistance. It is not easy to rust and is not easy to fade. The treated office furniture will not cause paint and pit due to ordinary impact. The unique weight of steel will bring weight to the whole furniture. Feeling, very fashionable and overbearing.

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