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Why must I choose office steel filing cabinets?
Dec 18, 2018

Steel Furniture

1, stable and durable

Structurally speaking, steel furniture is mainly based on spot welding and argon welding, and the parts are integrated into one piece, which is not easily deformed, and the maintenance rate is very low.

2, high security

General steel products have three major safety guarantees: fireproof, waterproof and anti-theft. These advantages are not available in wooden furniture. They can be used in harsh environments and special applications. When special circumstances occur, they can also minimize losses. .
3, high space utilization

Because the steel plate is thinner than other materials, it has significant advantages, both in terms of saving external space and making full use of the internal space.
In today's office buildings in some big cities, rents are settled on a per-square-day rent. It can be seen that it is an inch of gold, so steel furniture is more useful.
4, health and environmental protection

Generally, the steel plate does not need to be processed with glue, so it will not emit harmful gas, and there will be no strange smell, environmental protection and no pollution, which is very suitable for modern people's requirements for furniture.
5, beautiful fashion

Steel office furniture is simple and fashionable, with a strong sense of modernity, in line with the trend of the times. Choose from a variety of colors and different environments, and different elements can also create a harmonious and diverse office space.
6, feature-rich

From the processing point of view, the flexibility of steel can be good, and at the same time, it has the rigidity required for furniture, which can satisfy various forms and structural shapes, and easily realize multifunctional customization of furniture.

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