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Why are cheap steel cabinets easy to rust?
Dec 27, 2018

First of all, we must understand that steel file cabinets are generally divided into 8 tools in the production process. In recent years, I have run many large factories, and some even have to go through 9 processes to ensure products before leaving the steel products. Quality, such as: cutting (cutting cold-rolled steel sheets into different sizes with a shearing machine); chamfering (cutting the cut steel plate with a punching machine); bending (folding the iron plate with good angles) Bending machine bending, according to the different iron cabinet position, the folding bend is not the same) and so on. There is a process called rust-proof treatment, generally large manufacturers will pickle the whole iron cabinet Phosphating treatment removes the surface grease and rust of the iron plate, but does not rule out some small manufacturers to do some simple treatments, such as using a wiping agent for manual wiping, in order to reduce costs.

Such products are cheaper on the one hand and rust on the other hand after a period of use. At present, steel file cabinets are increasingly favored by major enterprises, but the quality of products on the market is relatively uneven. In recent years, I have visited many factories and visited large and small dealers. The development of products, the quality of this piece is very strict, I think if you want to purchase, you can not blindly map cheap, you can consider the cost performance, we have launched a steel event three push cabinets, file cabinets, lockers Wait, these are my personal visits, review and selection, interested friends can understand and pay attention.

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