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What should I do if I encounter a malfunction of the steel file cabinet?
Jan 11, 2019

1. The cabinet is unstable and shakes after being placed, and there is abnormal noise when used.

Reason: The four corners of the cabinet are not balanced.
Remedy: It is recommended to rotate the adjusting nut or use a hard object to make a gap between the cabinet and the floor.

2. Cabinet door gap size is uneven

Cause: The cabinet is not placed horizontally.
Remedy: It is recommended to rotate the adjusting nut or use a hard object to place the gap between the cabinet and the ground. The method is the same as the first troubleshooting method. It is important to note that it should be adjusted in the opposite direction.

3. Steel cabinet drawer push and pull is not natural

Cause: There are impurities at the joint and the rails are free of oil.
Remedy: Open the drawer to remove impurities, apply lubricant on the slide rails, and the edible oil that you usually eat can also play a role in lubrication. It should be noted here that the exclusion process may contaminate the contents of the cabinet, so everyone should clean the cabinet in advance and then do it!

4. Can't lock or can't open

Cause: The A door or drawer failed to reset or the lock bar and lock bar were stuck.
Remedy: Repeatedly and carefully open and close several doors or drawers to observe the cause of the malfunction. Tap the cabinet by hand or press down with a screwdriver to reset the lock.

5. The key is lost.

Remedy: Carefully observe the structure of the cabinet door, insert the flat-blade screwdriver into the lock hole, and force it to turn in the direction of the normal opening door. Most of them are clockwise, and turn back and forth a few times, most of them can be opened. If the keyhole does not move, you need to try it with a larger flat-blade screwdriver so that it can be opened with maximum force. Of course, if there is a master key equipped with the manufacturer, then congratulations, but still need to contact the manufacturer to replace the lock core as soon as possible! With its rich functional configuration, sleek and simple appearance, high cost performance, steel file cabinets are used more and more in modern office space.

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