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The stainless steel locker you want is here.
Jan 18, 2019


Woma Steel Office specializes in steel furniture for more than 20 years. It has formed its own industrial chain from production, research and development, processing and sales. The company mainly uses stainless steel as the main production material, has professional technology and is consistent in the industry. Praise and recognition. Stainless steel locker advantages:

1. Everyone knows that for stainless steel products, argon arc welding is needed during the processing. This kind of engineering has very high requirements for current and process, so the quality of general stainless steel products is very good. If the welder's skill is good, the overall aesthetics are also good.

2, the stainless steel products are completed through the cutting process, bending and other processes, and the raw materials used are very safe and healthy, will not add paint glue and other items, so there is no toxic gas, safety Sex is very high.

3. For any cabinet, there will be stains for a period of time. For stainless steel products, the glossy surface itself is very bright, and the process is special, basically it will not be eroded by stains, and it is convenient and quick to take care of. It’s troublesome.

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