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The difference between safe file cabinets and see their respective roles
Jan 10, 2019

From the word point of view, the safe file cabinet can be known. There are many types of safes, including file cabinets. As a safe, its main function is to protect everyone's property and avoid unnecessary losses, safety and insurance. During the period, the file cabinet is needed to save important files. For financial and documents, its value does not seem to be very high, but it can effectively make your files have a place to store, not easy to lose. Necessary trouble. Next, let me understand the difference between the safe filing cabinets and see the respective roles of the two types of safes. To ensure the safety of everyone's finances and all kinds of precious items.


The difference between safe file cabinets

Confidential file cabinets and safes are cabinets used for document data management and important items management. They are used to ensure the safety of items through password locks, etc., and have certain preventive ability. They can resist abnormal entry under the conditions of destructive action within the specified working hours. .

There are similarities and differences between the confidential filing cabinet and the safe. The simple differences are as follows:

1, use

The confidential filing cabinet is mainly used to store important documents and main filing cabinets; the safe is mainly used for storing cash and valuables.

2, the place of use

Confidential filing cabinets are generally suitable for use in offices or archives; safes are suitable for families as well as bank and accounting staff;

3, weight distinction

The weight of a general confidential filing cabinet is relatively light compared to a safe cabinet.

The requirement for a confidential filing cabinet is that the documents are kept confidential, that is, there is a clear record for each unlocking. The safes value the safety of the items. It is assumed that an important confidential document is stored in the safe, and is stolen, copied and put back to the original place, from the signs. The file is still stored in the safe, but the file information has been leaked.

The confidential filing cabinet requires an unlocking record, which can easily determine whether the information has been leaked. Confidential filing cabinets are widely used in technical departments and archives departments of government agencies, military, banks, institutions, and large and medium-sized enterprises. For example, storing high test papers, technical development documents, and state secret documents.


The role of the safe

Do you think that the safe has no effect at home, is the answer no? The safe still has a place at home, the main role:

1, anti-theft: After the relevant departments understand that there is a safe in the home, can reduce the chance of stolen 90%, although the chance of being stolen may be met once in 10 years, but once stolen we are definitely not lost thousands of dollars. And a safe of several thousand dollars can completely prevent such things from happening.

2, fire prevention: the price of fire protection is high, but once the fire in the home or the unit fires all valuables can be intact, so there are conditions in the home can be considered, otherwise, if the fire is not a fire safety home safe purchase | Huxiang safe | home safe cabinet can make up.

3, placing dangerous goods: It can be said that children are naughty, they are lively and lovely, and we can not always look at them, this time we put dangerous goods in the safe can completely solve the worries.

4. Deposit privacy: It can be said that everyone has privacy that they are not willing to let others contact, because we all look at different things from different angles, so the results are definitely different.

5. Place valuables: Especially when there are strangers coming in and out of the house, putting valuables in the house into the safe can reduce unnecessary troubles? And especially the memory is not very good, often put the valuables and forget the purchase of the home safe | Woma safe | household safes, better should be equipped with a safe, because we need to find what to open directly to the safe OK.

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