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The company wants to purchase a batch of file cabinets. What should you pay attention to when purchasing?
Jan 05, 2019

I think you have to look at who to purchase first, that is, the demand for procurement. For example, if you want to purchase the office of the company's CEO, it is definitely a wooden file cabinet that can better demonstrate the taste and identity. However, if it is only used for the daily work of the administrative or general staff of the company, then you must choose a steel filing cabinet. Because of the steel file cabinet, the storage space is large, it has the characteristics of long life, wear resistance, non-deformation, fire, moisture and insect proof, and the plate is cold-rolled steel plate. The cold-rolled steel plate is strongly supported by the national government as a renewable resource. A trend in the development of materials for the furniture industry in the future. So if you are buying steel filing cabinets, I can give you some advice based on my experience.

First, look at the plates

There are a lot of steel file cabinets on the market, but the thickness of cold-rolled steel sheets used in steel file cabinets is generally around 0.7-0.8mm, but some merchants even use 0.35mm thick steel plates to make steel cabinets in order to reduce costs. The quality of the steel filing cabinets is not flattering.


The processing technology of steel file cabinets is actually similar, and the actual manufacturers do not necessarily handle it. For example, steel file cabinets are generally divided into 8 tools during the production process. Some steel products must pass 9 processes to ensure the quality of the products before leaving the factory. One of these processes has become a rust-proof treatment. If the cabinet process is rough and the quality is not guaranteed, it is likely to rust after a period of use.


Generally, high quality steel filing cabinets are not a single unit, and the quality of some accessories also determines the overall experience, such as locks. In order to save costs, some steel cabinets are very uncomfortable in the choice of locks, and their confidentiality is greatly discounted. Woma office furniture company is customized according to customer requirements.

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