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Steel filing cabinets can increase efficiency for your work
Jan 16, 2019

       Steel file cabinets have classified storage folders for the office. For the factory floor, all kinds of paper plates, cloth plates and patterns can be stored according to different customers and different needs according to the size of A4 paper. So that you can find the required information faster for reference work.


        The general file cabinet is divided into two upper and lower cabinets. Each cabinet has a laminate. These are generally used to put A4 file cabinets. The size can be adjusted freely. You can also increase the laminate according to your needs to achieve your own needs. Some have two small drawers in the middle of the two small cabinets, which can put some important things, because the drawers are locked, so the safety factor is high and guaranteed. Now our latest office file cabinet is a drawer box with a transparent A4. Because the box is transparent, you can directly see the items you put, and the box can be labeled with the name of the item you put. Contracts, quotations can also be classified as storage. When you look for it, you can directly see the above label to know which customer is, which provides great convenience for office workers.

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