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Steel file cabinets are environmentally friendly and easy to haul long distances
Jan 15, 2019


     1. The steel file cabinet is green and easy to haul for long distances. Mainly to lengthen the file of the save file.

     2, the cabinet surface adopts automatic spray phosphating, matt epoxy/polyester powder electrostatic spray coating film is not easy to fall off, environmentally friendly and durable, smooth and beautiful.

     3. The high-quality Baosteel cold-rolled steel plate is cut, stamped, bent, welded and assembled.

     4, partition: steel cabinet partition, after strengthening treatment, sturdy and durable, adhering to the performance, can store a large number of books.



    Maintenance method for steel file cabinet

     The key to the maintenance of steel filing cabinets is maintenance and cleaning, avoiding sharp scraping, and wiping the surface with stubborn stains for stubborn stains. When placing steel file cabinets, please avoid direct sunlight to prevent oxidation of the paint. To prevent damage to the furniture structure, please avoid overloading. Try not to drag when you need to move to avoid damaging the painted surface.

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