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Purchase office furniture cabinet principle
Jan 02, 2019


1. Look at the brand. In the office furniture market, taking the file cabinet as an example, the price ranges from 300-1500 yuan. Obviously, it is not wise to choose the price. We still have to choose the brand. The brand that has experienced time baptism has the guarantee of user's reputation and is more trustworthy. Woma office furniture, started in 1992, focuses on the production of various types of steel office furniture.
2. Look at the accessories. Various office furniture such as file cabinets, activity cabinets, quick-drying cabinets, and compact shelves are equipped with many small accessories, such as locks, handles, and slides. These accessories must not only be full, but also good quality, otherwise it will greatly affect the experience. Woma office furniture uses Thai imported locks and aluminum alloy handles, sliding to all use silent slides, all accessories and excellent quality.
3. Environmentally friendly and healthy. Office furniture filing cabinets are long-term companions, we must consider their environmental comfort, after all, is about physical health. Woma office furniture uses high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, from the raw material quality assurance, 13-step automatic spraying production line, using thermosetting powder, 0 formaldehyde pollution-free, creating a green office environment.
4. The principle of economy. When purchasing office furniture, you should consider the needs of the company, such as office furniture, file cabinets, activity cabinets, low cabinets, etc. These are all necessary products for the office. Others can not be purchased for the time being. Purchasing to avoid waste.
5. The principle of practicality. Many office furniture companies have created some fancy office furniture for the customer's “facade” project. The typical “golden jade is ruined”. Consumers must consider their practicality when purchasing office furniture, and must not neglect practicality for aesthetic reasons. The Woma series products are designed for the user at the beginning of the design, both practical and beautiful, so that you are "useful" and "face".
6. Clever combination. If the office furniture filing cabinet you purchased is used to store the archive files, you can choose the data cabinet (customized for A4 files), the file cabinet (common file storage) and the dense rack (large file storage) to solve the problem once. All file storage needs. Woma office furniture, China's large steel office furniture manufacturers, to meet your various requirements.

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