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Metal file cabinet purchase considerations
Dec 28, 2018

The filing cabinet is the most common office furniture in the office. It is mostly used to store documents for office use. There are many types depending on the application. Such as dressing cabinets, file cabinets, shelves, equipment lockers, security cabinets, and so on. Then, there are so many manufacturers of metal cabinets on the market. Which one is better? The following Woma office furniture will give you a detailed explanation:

Production ability

Metal cabinets wholesale custom, the manufacturer's production strength can not be ignored. If the production strength can not keep up with some manufacturers, it will find other manufacturers to OEM, so the quality of the product is not easy to control. Or the production cycle is relatively long and time consuming. Therefore, the manufacturer's production strength must be the main reference factor for a choice. It can be judged by the manufacturer's ability to produce daily output and monthly output.

Manufacturing process

Iron file cabinet manufacturers choose, if it is a large-volume purchase, Woma office furniture is recommended to visit the factory. Mainly to look at the product line to facilitate an assessment of product quality. Can be examined from the following aspects.


1. Steel plate selection: The steel plate selection is determined from the thickness, material and origin of the steel plate. These parameters are closely related to the quality of the finished metal cabinet, which is related to the bearing capacity and service life of the metal cabinet. You can apply to view when necessary.
2. Hardware accessories: A good product can be seen from the hardware components. Whether the product is strong and the details are handled properly can indicate the manufacturer's focus on the product.
3. Anti-rust treatment: Anti-rust treatment is also an important reference factor for judging the quality of metal cabinets in addition to bearing weight. If this process is not handled well, it will affect the appearance of the cabinet, and it will be easily rusted and rusted, which will seriously reduce the service life of the metal cabinet. Serious people can cause functional damage.

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