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How to identify the quality of steel file cabinets
Dec 21, 2018

The experience of metal file cabinets accumulated in long-term sales, steel cabinets are divided into metal file cabinets and steel file cabinets. The quality and price of the two are not the same, and people who don’t understand will buy what they want. File cabinets. Woma office furniture suggests that you must pay attention to the five methods of identifying the metal filing cabinet when purchasing!
file cabinets1. Magnet method: When purchasing a metal file cabinet, carry a small magnet with it to identify the iron and steel material.
2, color discrimination method: good product, uniform color processing, beautiful, and strong adhesion.
3, material identification method: carefully identify the material of the product, to distinguish the difference between good and bad and price.

4, process method: high-quality products, the process is far superior to ordinary products, in the details of the treatment, especially in place.
5, comprehensive method: do a good job of classification and identification, and then comprehensive observation and analysis, to make a total final identification.

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