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How to choose steel file cabinets and plate file cabinets
Jan 04, 2019

The file cabinet is the main office furniture we use to store files. There are also many types of file cabinets. However, the materials used in the cabinet production process are mainly made of metal and plate materials. These two file cabinets are our office. The environment is often seen. Of course, the file cabinets of the two materials have their own characteristics. How to choose the file cabinet correctly is also a problem we need to consider. Next, we will discuss this issue with everyone.

file cabinet

First of all, I will introduce the main features of steel file cabinets: the biggest advantage of steel furniture is that it has long service life, is not easy to be deformed, and has functions such as fireproof, moisture proof and insect proof.
Moreover, the most durable office furniture has better file storage security, and its disadvantages are obvious. It is relatively cumbersome and not easy to move and disassemble. The price of steel products is also a problem we need to consider because of the steel products. Everyone knows steel. The price of the material is much higher than that of the plate material.
Panel file cabinet: The main purpose of the panel file cabinet is that its design is beautiful and fashionable, and the style and style can be selected. It can be better used with other furniture in the office, and it is suitable for use, and its cost performance is high, its shortcomings It is also more obvious.
Compared with the straight file cabinet, its durability is relatively poor, but there is no problem in using 3~5 years. This is one of the reasons why the panel file cabinet has become the mainstream office file cabinet.
Steel file cabinets are fire and moisture resistant, ensuring the safety and integrity of documents even in the event of an accident, which is not possible with the cabinet.
Therefore, panel furniture is only suitable for storing documents that are not very important, and the really important documents should be placed in steel cabinets.

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