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How to choose a steel filing cabinet?
Dec 24, 2018

The steel file cabinet is made of high-quality 0.6/0.8mm cold-rolled steel plate, which is made of advanced automatic water-line. The spray-coated layer of the cabinet is made of frosted powderWholesale-Steel-Glass-Door-File-Cabinet-For with high hardness and high corrosion resistance. The bucket rail adopts the current advanced two-section rail, and the cabinet lock adopts high-grade lock with stainless steel switch display function.The steel filing cabinet, also known as the metal filing cabinet, is a cabinet that is completed by a complete and precise production process of cold-rolled steel sheets. It is mainly used for placing documents, materials and various archives. The categories of steel file cabinets can be divided into file cabinets, filing cabinets, data cabinets, activity cabinets, key cabinets, disassembly cabinets, intensive cabinets, CD cabinets, book cabinets, lockers, shoe cabinets, lockers. Applicable places: Suitable for service companies, factories, schools, various training institutions, hospitals, banks, government agencies and other enterprises and institutions.

Construction process:

1. Unloading: Cut the cold-rolled steel plate with a shearing machine (backing plate, side plate, door panel, top plate, pull-out, laminate, etc.).
2. Stamping: Use a punching machine to flush out the corners and handles that need to be reserved.
3. Bending: Use the bending machine to fold out the inner and outer folds.
4. Welding: Spot welding with electric welder.
5. Pickling and phosphating: Put the welded metal filing cabinet down the chemical pool for oil removal and rust removal.
6. Spraying: Semi-finished products enter the electric box and are painted and electrostatically sprayed.
7. Assembly: assemble the door, handle, key and other accessories.
8. Finished product: packed in paper.

Maintenance Tips: The steel filing cabinets of Henan Woma Furniture Co., Ltd. are the most popular in modern filing cabinets. The steel file cabinet is green and easy to haul for long distances. Mainly to lengthen the file of the save file. The key to maintenance is to keep it clean and avoid sharp scratches. For stubborn stains, use a cleaning agent to wipe the surface. When placing steel filing cabinets, please avoid direct sunlight to prevent oxidation of the paint. To prevent damage to the steel filing cabinet structure, please avoid overloading. Try not to drag when you need to move to avoid damaging the painted surface.

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