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how steel furniture maintenance and clean?
Dec 13, 2018

Steel furniture is generally made of cold-rolled steel, with steel as the main structure, with wood, leather, plastic and other decorations. So what are the main points of steel office furniture maintenance?

First, prevent rust

1. Furniture should be placed in a place where air is circulated and dry.
2. Avoid sun exposure and not close to the source of heat.

Second, avoid corrosion

Avoid contact with acid and alkali liquids, do not put acid and alkali corrosion on the tabletop; do not let open water, aluminum pot, hot iron, etc.

Third, place furniture

1. When the cabinet furniture moves, lift it off the ground, do not hard pull hard to avoid loose or damaged legs.
2. The floor on which the furniture is placed must be kept evenly on the four legs, especially the chair. Pay attention to the uniform force of the four legs.

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