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Brief analysis of commonly used plates for wardrobes and logs of MDF
Jan 17, 2019

There are not only a variety of plate brands on the market, but also a variety of wardrobe materials. Plastic, wood, glass, baking varnish, etc., for the cabinet, mainly composed of wood, and common are mainly logs, large core boards, MDF, particle board, solid wood multi-layer board and so on.


The biggest feature of the wardrobe made of logs, which is different from other materials, is the word "expensive". Because the logs are taken from nature, the high environmental protection is welcomed by the consumers in the production of the wardrobe. In contrast, the environmental protection and high price are removed. Because of the natural characteristics of the logs, it is necessary to carry out painting treatment when making the wardrobe. Steps, if improperly handled or use inferior materials, may still cause harmful substances to exceed the standard, or cause the cabinet to crack, etc., need special attention.

Multilayer board

The multi-layer board is similar to a sandwich from the appearance of the cut surface, simple and rude and intuitive. Good multi-layer board cut surface is smooth and smooth without gaps. Similarly, because of its high environmental protection, anti-deformation, anti-cracking and other superior performance, the price of good multi-layer board on the market is not cheaper than logs, but it is undoubtedly very suitable from the cost performance.


MDF, commonly used MDF, etc., are more common in finished furniture. MDF features uniform density for easy processing. However, because of its poor moisture resistance, it is generally not suitable for kitchen cabinets and cabinets, and because of its relatively poor nail holding power, it is difficult to handle when the fixing screws fall off.

Particle board

The particle board has strong hardness, small expansion coefficient and is not easy to be deformed. However, because it uses more glue, many unqualified particle board saws have a pungent smell on the market, which affects the health of the body.

Large core board

The large core board, that is, the blockboard, is a common material for making wardrobes. As the name implies, the large core board is an artificial board made of splicing core and veneer. It has the characteristics of smooth surface and not easy to be deformed. However, it needs to be processed before it can be used for wardrobe production. It also needs painting treatment, so it also needs special attention.

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